The Champagne Region

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AY-CHAMPAGNE and its historical heritage

The house is located in the heart of the town of AY CHAMPAGNE
at the foot of vineyards established by the Gallo Romans from the fourth century
and renowned since the eighteenth century for the high quality of its wines.

AY also stands out as the birthplace of a remarkable artist and creator: René LALIQUE.
René LALIQUE spent his childhood at AY and then realized extraordinary fame
for his creativity in the art of crystal glass.
His work developed throughout the twentieth century, marrying artistic movements
of Art Nouveau, then Art Deco from 1920 and the more modern period.
LALIQUE still thrives today with the heirs of René LALIQUE
The city has set up a circuit of discovery, named “Parcours LALIQUE”,
which allows visitors to discover the remarkable and characteristic places of this period.

The Saint-Brice Church of Aÿ

The Saint-Brice Church of Aÿ is classified as a Historic Monument. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the 15th century, a very representative example of Flamboyant Gothic. It hosts every May, the concerts of Mai Musical with internationally renowned artists.

The Henry IV Festival

the first weekend of July, every two years, opens the doors of the city to about 30,000 people, to enjoy music, culinary specialties and champagne, lots of champagne ......


The vineyard

"Discover Champagne" guided tours can be organized.

The beauty of the Champagne landscapes, remarkable points of view offer destinations that are on foot, by bicycle, by car, according to itineraries that will be provided to you

Stays and activities

Visits of cellars and discovery of champagne


Gastronomy and Champagne

Do you know that you can have a champagne meal from starter to dessert ?
You want to learn to associate the dishes with champagne.
That's what I'll suggest during the dinners.

Cooking weekends
Do you want to learn how to cook with champagne ?
Cooking Weekends will be organized during the year and announced on this site.

Other ideas for stays